What and Where to eat in Jakarta, Indonesia

We spent 3 days in Jakarta and yes for the most part, we have a gastronomic adventure haha! Jakarta is one of the country’s culinary haven from street foods to fancy restaurants. And Inday Dora got a chance to try some of it haha! So here’s my food list that a must try:

1. Bakmi Khek, Muara Karang, Jakarta

Bakmi Khek is a “Hokkian Noodle”, a type of noodle with slightly pale yellow color. It is one of the most popular Indonesian noodles. Each menu comes with meat topping selections, such as pork or chicken or mushroom.

Bakmi Khek and Bakso Goreng

Bakmi Khek ( IDR 28,000 / PHP 105 / $ 2.50 )

Bakso Goreng ( IDR 20,000 / PHP 75 / $ 1.50 )

2. Northpole Café

Northpole Café is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), they serve the cutest dessert in town!  From ice cream to waffles.

Will you eat this cute chick? haha!

Chick Affogato
Northpole Cafe classic smokey pan
Northpole Cafe Indonesia

Smokey Pan ( IDR 59, 000 / PHP 222 / $ 4.50 )

Chick Affogato ( IDR 35, 000 / PHP 131 / $ 2. 75 )

3. Shirayuki (PIK)

Shirayuki means “white snow”, located also in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). It is a Japanese resto that serves a unique dessert 🙂

Oh my Cotton Candy Tree!
premium yukidaruma

Cotton Candy Tree ( around IDR 42,000 / PHP 160 / $ 3.25 )

Premium Yukidaruma ( around IDR 38,000 / PHP 145 / $ 3 )

4. D’ Crepes

D’ Crepes was established since 1996 and it is one of the famous tasty crepe on Indonesia, from their  meat filling to desserts. I tried their cookies and ice cream.

D’crepe ice cream

( Around IDR 18,000 / PHP 70 / $ 1.20 )

5. Kue Cubit at Sunter

Kue Cubit is a mini – like pancakes, a traditional bite – sized snack of Indonesians. You can easily find these cute sized snacks on the streets. We tried it at Sunter, a street food place in Jakarta. 🙂 They have ovalmatime and green tea flavors.

Kue Cubit ovalmatime

6. Nasi Goreng Gila

Nasi Goreng Gila means “Crazy fried rice” because of it’s massive toppings. It is one of the famous food in Indonesia, you can find it anywhere and yes even on Street Foods ( which you can buy in a low price). We tried it in Sunter also.

Nasi Goreng Gila

Nasi Gila (around 20,000 – 25,000 IDR / PHP 75 – 95 /  1. 5 – 2 )

7. Rotiboy

Rotiboy was originally founded in Malaysia and the first International Market was in Indonesia. Roti means “bread” so, specifically means “breadboy”. One of their famous bread is bun, for around 10, 000 IDR you can taste this fluffy bun! 🙂

Rotiboy coffee bun

Rotiboy Bun per piece ( around IDR 10,000 / PHP 38 )

8. Martabak Manis

Martabak manis is a sweet thick Indonesian pancake and it is my favorite dessert on Indonesia haha! Put this in your food must try when you plan to go in Indonesia ( specially if you are fond of sweet foods haha! ).

Martabak Manis

Martabak Manis ( IDR 35,000 / PHP 132 / $ 2.5)

9. Pecel Lele and Ayam goreng

Pecel Lele or Pecak Lele is a deep fried Calarias cat fish. It is usually served with a traditional chili paste ( or natives called it “Sambal”). Ayam goreng which literally means, “fried chicken”, served with Sambal Terasi ( chili with shrim paste) or sambal kecap (sliced chili with sweet soy sauce).

Pecel lele and ayam goreng


Side trip in Indonesia 🙂

  1. Velvet suite class blitzmegaplex central park

A cinema where you can lay down and relax haha! They provide pillows and blanket. Ticket price is around IDR 140,000 during weekdays except Friday (around PHP 530 / $ 10.57), IDR 160,000 every Friday (around PHP 600 / $ 12) and IDR 200,000 during weekends (around PHP 750 / $ 15).

Velvet Suite Cinema Hallway
Velvet Suite Cinema Central Park, Jakarta

2. Bajaj, Indonesia

“Bajaj” or pronounced as “Bajay” is a three wheel vehicle. It is a one of the public transportation in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bajaj in Jakarta Indonesia


Did you get starved? hahaha!

P.S. next blog post “Places to visit in Yogyakarta, Indonesia”.


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    April 7, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    I saw your blog on a facebook group. 🙂Loving that cotton candy tree and your blog is sooo neat

    1. inday dora

      April 12, 2017 at 4:07 pm

      Hi shenna,thanks much :* i visited your blog and i love it! 🙂 hope we can share our stories in IG 🙂

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