Travel Guide to Bolinao, Pangasinan

I’ve been to “Bolinao” for thrice and finally, I’ve already write and post about the Treasure of Bolinao 🙂 , (since this has been 3 months in my draft hahaha!).


Where does the name Bolinao came from? I have read some articles that there are three (3) versions where the name Bolinao came from.

The name of the town could have been derived from the “Pamulinawen” tree which grew in abundance along the beaches. The second story claims that the name of the municipality came from the fish species “monamon” commonly called “Bolinao” by the Tagalogs, Bicolanos and Visayans. The third one is associated with the couple Bolido and Anao. The combination of their names created the name Bolinao, which is the name of the town.

How to get there from Manila:

There are two choices of Bus, Victory Liner and Five Star Bus in Cubao. Schedule of buses are commonly between 6am-7am (if you will go in the morning). Bus fare was around P450, travel hours 6-8 hour and it will bound to Bolinao Town proper.

Where to stay in Bolinao:

You will have a lot of choice hotel in Bolinao but if you want more private and not crowded places, I’ll recommend the hotel that we’ve stay for 3 times, yes it’s thrice haha! I think I’ve already tried all their rooms hahaha! Plus the caretaker there will reassured that you are safe and sound plus the hotel was beach front (wow na wow db?)

Casa Almarenzo room per night is 3,700php (for 2 pax and 4pax room) with free breakfast.

Sorry for my legs! hahaha


Where to eat in Bolinao:

Adora’s Restaurant: We eat here on our first visit (with my partner) to Bolinao, food is fine and it’s not so pricey.

Giant Taklobo Resto Grill: Atmosphere is relaxing. They serve grilled and fresh food.

Sungayan Grill: This is the Best Resto in Bolinao (for me haha!). They called it Floating restaurant since you can experience cruising on Balingasay River while you were eating. Hiring the floating raft cost 1,000php.

Sungayan grill pond

Treasures of Bolinao:
St. James The Great Parish

Since the Church was in the town of Bolinao, you can visit it first. The church was made out of black coral stones and it is serves as one of the oldest Church in Bolinao.

inside of the church

Bolinao Falls

It is about 6 kilometers away from town and you need to survive the dirt and rocky road but after that you can swim on the fresh stream of the falls. Entrance fee was 50php and you can rent a Cottage on the side of falls.

bolinao falls 2
bolinao falls 1

Enchanted Cave

You will really feel enchanted on this Underground River because of its Natural crystal clear spring water. The turquoise freshwater was cold and yet it is not salty. The water in cave is deep so it is not recommended for those who don’t know how to swim (like me haha! but I’ve tried yes! since it has a rope on the sides :). Entrance fee was 150.

Wonderful Cave

This cave was fine because when we visit it was already prohibited to swim, as I remember it is due that the water in the cave was always high and a bit dangerous for tourist. (that’s why Sayang.)

Rock Formation

This is perfect view for selfie haha! (Joke 🙂 this is not quite famous in Bolinao but the coral and rock formation was a really refreshing view. The Manong told us that there are some famous celebrity shoot here, as I remember it is one of the fantaserye, (just can’t remember the title, sorry haha!). For the Entrance fee of 70php, the view was really perfect and you will never feel tired to see this beautiful landscape.


Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

This Lighthouse provides a panoramic view of a portion of the 1,269 hectare Cape Bolinao Dendro Thermal Ipil-Ipil Plantation. It is the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines after the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, which is in Ilocos Norte. There is no Entrance Fee here, but when we visited the Lighthouse it is still under construction inside so you can’t go up to see the view. (so sad sayang again.)

Patar Beach

Patar Beach is the famous beach in bolinao for its pristine water and sand. It is called as the Boracay  ot the North.

Pasalubong can be bought from Bolinao:

There’s a market beside of The St. James the Great Parish, you can buy daing (fried fish), dried pusit (lots of dried fish), and their famous Bagoong. I bought the Bagoong for 18php only since it’s 6pcs (yah, I loved their Bagoong, Ilocanos bagoong are really yummy!). And their dried fish was also good and quite cheap but yah it’s a bit smelly, so you need to cover it with paper. And last but not the least were their tupig, but we bought the tupig to Ate who sell it in the bus ( I think around Alaminos).

Photos taken using Nikon DSLR and my phone (Note 4), (but mostly DSLR).

If you have any comments or any questions just feel free to ask.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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