Tourist spots and Things to do in Baler

“Baler” it is said to have rooted from the word “Vale”, a name of an old woman. It is also known as the birthplace surfing of Philippines, the best month to go there was during October to April.

How to get there from Manila:
We arrived at Pasay Bus Station at 6am, schedule was 1hr interval. Genesis bus provides the direct route to Baler and its estimated fare was 450 (one way fare and air-conditioned), and if you want to have a luxurious trip they have Joy Bus it’s cost around 750. Travel time approximately 6-7hrs so prepare some snacks and put some headset so you will not feel bored.

It is unplanned tour so unfortunately most of the good hotels are fully booked already, we just stayed at Lodge. It was too small but it was fine because we’re here for some Adventures! Here is the list what you can do in Baler, the Philippine surfing capital.

We hired a tricycle for the tour and as I remember it is cost around 1,500 (me and my partner), entrance fee are excluded.

Things to do in Baler:
Museo de Baler
Museo de Baler is located at Quezon Park. It gives us a rich history about Baler, a prominent exhibition of memorabilia of former President Manuel L. Quezon, some artifacts and props from Metro Manila Film Festival Best Picture “Baler”.

Quezon House
Once vacation home of President Manuel L. Quezon.

Ermita Hill
Located at Sitio Cemento, Brgy. Zabali, Baler, Aurora. December 1735 a phenomenal tsunami swept away the city of Baler.

Ermita Hill
Family statue showing how they struggle during the big tsunami

Diguisit Falls
Going here you need to climb on some rocks but be careful it was a bit slippery. Water from falls was fresh and cold.

Enjoying the Diguisit Falls

Balete Tree
The largest Balete Tree in Asia and designated as “Millennium Tree” of the Philippines. It is about 600 years old.

Balete Tree also known as “Millennium Tree”
View inside of Balete Tree

Aniao Islets
Off the coast of Barangay Zabali, Baler, composed of rock formation. The view was perfect, yes perfect for selfie!hahaha!

aniao islets baler

Ditumabo Falls known as “Mother Falls”
When going to Baler you should put this in your list, this is the biggest falls in Baler that’s why they called “Mother Falls (140 feet) . Walking go to Falls was about 4km, you need to hike some slippery rocks and streams. And yes your muscles will feel ached but don’t worry the view of Mother Falls was very unforgettable and worth it, water is cold yet the view was Majestic.


Almost there, konting push pa! haha!
Welcome to Ditumabo mother falls
At last! View of Mother Falls, its worth the pain of my legs haha! Let’s go swim! It was crowded that time because its Holiday!

Other activities in Baler:

Before you reach the Cross you need to walk upstairs, a very tiring but worth it.
Hanging Bridge Baler, unfortunately that time it was under repair.

All photos are taken using my Samsung Note 4.

Hope this would help on your trip to Baler! 🙂

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