Terminal 21 Bangkok 2017; A unique Shopping mall in Thailand

Terminal 21 is a themed mall which the concept is the famous market street of the world. It is officially opened in October 2011, located at Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 19 and 21) opens at 10am up to 10pm. Each floor is decorated based on the well-known streets of Cities such Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London and Istanbul.

How to get to Terminal 21:
Via BTS Skytrain: get off at Asoke station
Via MRT: get off at Sukhumvit
Via UBER/GRAB: just put Terminal 21 haha like we did so less-hassle guys

The layout of mall resembles of an airport terminal, especially those big board showing that you already arrived to your destination or being departed from it haha! The mall has 9 floors and each floor has a different theme.

Lower Ground Floor – Carribbean
Decorated with a beach, sea anchor and a lighthouse, you will find Gourmet Market along with food shops like Bread Talk, Baskin Robbins, De Juice and their Famous MOS Burger.

Departure for Level LG (Caribbean)
Lighthouse at Caribbean Flr

Ground Floor – Rome
High-end brand name shops are in here such as Adidas, Lacoste etc. You will be amazed with the sculptures Roman mythological figures.

At Rome Flr
Roman Sculptures at Rome Flr
Roman Sculptures (2) at Rome Flr

Mezzanine Floor – Paris
It contains of Thai designer’s botiques, more foreign brand and beauty shop such as Etude, Mac etc. Longest escalator is located here and it will take you all the way to Istanbul Floor (3rd Flr).

Arrival at Level M (Paris Flr)
At Paris Flr
Sale in Mac!

1st Floor – Tokyo
This floor is more on Ladies fashion; it is decorated with sculptures of Sumo, Torii, Samurai and Maneki Neko. This is my personal fave floor in the mall because you will amazed with their design and I feel that I was in Japan that time haha!

Geisha Sculpture at Tokyo Flr
Manekineko at Tokyo flr
Sumo Sculpture at Tokyo Flr
Torii gate at Tokyo Flr
Stores at Tokyo Flr
Tokyo Flr (Lanterns)
Picture lang at Tokyo flr haha!
Paper Lanterns at Tokyo Flr
Pak Pose sa Tokyo Flr haha!

2nd Floor – London
You will find many men’s clothing stores on this floor. The theme is Oxford Street of London, with a giant double-decker bus separating the rows of stores.

Departure level 2 (London)
Giant double decker bus at London Flr

3rd Floor – Istanbul
It is one of my favourite floor of Terminal 21 because of its beautiful Istanbul inspired lamps and lightings. You can find a random stuff here like fashion accessories, bags and shoes.

Welcome to Istanbul Flr haha
Istanbul inspired lightings
Istanbul Flr

4th Floor – San Francisco (City)

Arrival at Level 4 (San Francisco Flr)

5th Floor – San Francisco (Pier)
This is the largest city in the mall, taking up the fourth and fifth floor. San Francisco City is decorated with Golden Gate Bridge and serving Thai’s Famous Restaurants. San Francisco Pier where the food court is located, it has too many options to choose with affordable price! Imagine you can buy food for around 30thb!

Design at San Francisco Flr
Beautiful Golden Bridge at San Francisco
Golden Bridge at San Francisco Flr

6th Floor – Hollywood
Hollywood Studio theme where 8 screens of SF Cinema City is located and decorated with sculptures of the Hollywood Sign and Oscar Statuette.
We didn’t explore this floor so much because I’m too excited for Chatuchak shopping haha!

The mall has the longest escalator in Thailand which is up to 36 meters.

Wow haha!
Longest elevator in Thailand

Bonus TIP:
– Don’t forget to check all the toilet of each floor of the mall, different theme for different toilets haha!

Way going to toilet at Rome Flr haha
Way going to toilet of London Flr haha
Way going to toilet of Istanbul Flr


Thanks for reading! Next blog post is about Chocolate Ville in Bangkok!!

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