Bali,Indonesia Travel Guide: Accommodation and Eat

BALI, INDONESIA Travel Guide: Accommodation and Eat Accommodation Bali is well-known for their relaxing and beautiful villa, but if you are in a budget lots of hotel are offered here as well (like us haha!). During our vacation we stayed in two hotels Adhi Jaya Sunset Hotel and Champlung Mas ...
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Where to stay and What to eat in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hotel Neo Mailoboro This is our hotel during our stay in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the hotel is really near to Mailoboro Street. Design was in modern style with staffs’ cute uniforms (since hotel receptionist was using a short white hair wig haha). There’s a convenience store and money changer outside of ...
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Experienced Director’s Club Cinema at SM BF Paranaque

The first time I went to SM BF with my family was last 2014 and lots of store there that haven’t open yet. By that time, we just stroll and check some stuffs on SM Department Store. On my second visit, this 2016 yes it’s been 2 year ago with ...
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