My 11-Days stay in Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali)

It was a dream come true for me to travel out of the country. Our trip was last February 2016 and we’ve stayed for 11 days, it was full of adventure and a rich cultural discovery.

The name Indonesia derives from the Greek translation of the Indus River and the word nèsos, meaning “Indian island” (accdg. to Wikipedia hehe). It is the world’s largest island country, with more than 13,ooo islands. The largest islands are Sumatra, Java (the most populous) (and if you remember in our Philippine History subject we do have so-called “Taong Java” and I think sa kanila galing yun because some of our words are same with their language especially Javanese), Bali, Kalimantan (Indonesia’s part of Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes), the Nusa Tenggara islands, the Moluccas Islands, and Irian Jaya (also called West Papua), the western part of New Guinea. Its neighbor to the north is Malaysia and to the east is Papua New Guinea.

Jakarta, is the capital city of Indonesia and this is the first place we visited. Honestly, this is my very first time also to ride a plane (yes for my entire life! 24yrs of my existence haha!), Manila to Jakarta was 4 hour travel and most of the flights are during evening. We bought a one way ticket since we will travel to Yogyakarta and Bali also, and as I remember the tickets that we buy are a bit expensive since it is not in promo rate (sayang! haha). During our stay (me and my partner) in Jakarta, most of the time we’re eating a lot haha! Here’s one of the photos of restaurants and foods we’ve tried!

Northpole Cafe classic smokey pan
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Yogyakarta, it is also known as the cultural center of Java particularly for drama, dance festivals and handicrafts (batik). Yogya means “suitable, fit, proper”, and karta, “prosperous, flourishing” (i.e., “a city that is fit to prosper”). Yogyakarta is popular for their Temples, Candi Prambanan ( Hindu temple ) and Borobudur ( Buddhist Temple ). Famous castle, ” Taman Sari ” built by Portuguese, a gift for the wives of Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. Here are some photos of Yogyakarta:

Borobudur Temple
Taman Sari (water castle)

Bali, a small beautiful province and part of Indonesian archipelago. It is commonly referred as ” The Island of Gods “, with its sandy beaches, lush rice terraces, exotic temples and unique culture. Some of the famous tourist spot in Bali are, Tanah Lot (Hindu Temple), Pura Besakih a Hindu Temple also that was named after the dragon god that believers say lives within the depths of the mountain, below are some photos in Bali:

P.S. stay tune for my next blog post about Indonesia! 😉

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