Experienced Director’s Club Cinema at SM BF Paranaque

The first time I went to SM BF with my family was last 2014 and lots of store there that haven’t open yet. By that time, we just stroll and check some stuffs on SM Department Store. On my second visit, this 2016 yes it’s been 2 year ago with my partner (yah we had a date haha!) We got some groceries and watched a movie on Director’s Club Cinema.

Review of Director’s Club Cinema:

We never been to Director’s Club Cinema at SM BF, so my partner and I gave it a try. You can book at SM Cinema website, purchase a ticket and book a seat, but we just bought a ticket on the Cinema directly when we arrived at SM BF. Ticket Price is Php410 for person and it has a free one bowl of butter popcorn! Yey!

While waiting for the movie to start! 🙂

I like how they design the lounge it is very cozy and it feels at ease 🙂

Futuristic Lantern! How cute right?haha!

Pak ganern post! Hahaha!

Got a selfie while waiting! haha!

The reclining chair was really really comfortable (well I hope i have one at home haha!). It was like you are sitting on the massage chair, so fluffy hahahah! It has a button also to call the butler to assist your orders ( so no need to get up just feel relax and watch 🙂

Inside of the Director’s Club Cinema

Well, I can just say that the price is right! 🙂

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