Bali,Indonesia Travel Guide: Accommodation and Eat

BALI, INDONESIA Travel Guide: Accommodation and Eat


Bali is well-known for their relaxing and beautiful villa, but if you are in a budget lots of hotel are offered here as well (like us haha!). During our vacation we stayed in two hotels Adhi Jaya Sunset Hotel and Champlung Mas Hotel. So let me share with you my thoughts about these two.

Adhijaya Sunset Hotel

Adhi Jaya Sunset Hotel is located in Kuta Bali, near in some shops and resto. Booked the room Deluxe Terrace, room is small but it is clean and comfortable. It has a terrace/veranda too where you can see the pool area. Pool is small but still nice. I love how the room cleaner change our towels and change the design plus leaving a note haha! Staffs are friendly as well, food is ok.

Adhijaya Sunset


Adhijaya Sunset Hotel Bed
Room cleaner change the design of towel and leave a note!
adhijaya sunset hotel buffet breakfast

During our stay here there’s a bunch of students check in for their field trip I think and some of them sometimes knock on our door and it’s kinda disturbing, however we raised this issue to the staffs and everything runs smoothly afterwards.

Adhijaya Sunset hotel buffet breakfast
Pool view

Price is reasonable as well.

Champlung Mas Hotel

For our last day in Bali, we book in this hotel with our friends (but a separate room hehe). Champlung Mas is located in Legian, Bali. Booked in Deluxe pool area, the room is quite big and having a dim light (which I don’t like haha). There’s a lot of foreigners here maybe because it has 2 pools and both have a bar area, which you can hear the music in your room from the top of the pool bar. The buffet breakfast is ok, as well as the price.

Champlung Mas Hotel
champlung mas restroom
champlung mas reception

For these two hotels we stayed, I preferred staying in Adhi Jaya Sunset Hotel though the room is small but the place is nice, clean room and quiet.


Chicken Betutu Gilamanuk

Betutu is a Balinese dish of steamed or roasted chicken or duck in rich bumbu betutu (betutu spice mix). Betutu is a popular dish in Bali. Food here is ok and we eat dinner here on our first day in Bali.

Chicken Betutu Gilamanuk

Warung Lesahan Sari Baruna

“Warung” means a small family business while “Lesahan” means having dine while seating on the floor covered with straw or bamboo mat. All the foods served here is fish, yes its fish! Like their food and it is affordable also. And I like their idea how the customers eating on the big table covered with bamboo mat while seating with your leg crossed.

Warung Lesahan Sari Baruna
all menu are fish!!

Nasi Tempong Indra Legian

This restaurant is worth of the money. Taste is good, their sambal (chili paste) is really spicy, very Indonesian taste. The most ordered food here is Lele Goreng which I ordered too haha!

Nasi Tempong Indra
Escampur(halo-halo counterpart in Philippines)

Sawah Indah

Sawah Indah is a Balinese restaurant situated near in the rice fields, on the east of Ubud. The restaurant specialties are essentially duck and fish, and dishes cooked in banana leaves and bamboo. Food is good and their Iced tea hahaha!

Sawah Indah Ubud Bali
Sawah Indah fooooddd
iced teaaaa!

Pacung Bali

This resto served a typical Balinese food, it was ok but the scenic view of rice terraces is impressive. (Forgot to take some photo bcoz we’re really hungry haha!)

Other things you can see and do:

Streets in Bali

You can roam around the streets. 🙂


Penjor are tall tapered poles made from bamboo and placed outside Balinese Hindu homes during certain religious holidays. Penjor are erected to symbolize the dominance of good (dharma) over evil (adharma) as well as to offer thanks to the gods.

Penjor Bali

Surfing and sight-seeing

Lots of foreigners surfing here.

Museum Bali

There’s no entrance fee here.

Museum Bali

Fruit Rujak or Rojak

The term rojak also means “mixture” or “eclectic mix” in colloquial Malay, which is mixed sliced fruit and vegetables served with spicy palm sugar dressing. rujak is often describes as tangy and spicy fruit salad, due to its sweet, hot and spicy dressing made from ground chili pepper, palm sugar and peanuts. Bough this at Tanah Lot.

Fruits Rujak

Rumah Kaos Bali.

Place where you can buy souvenirs… 🙂

That’s all wanderers! Hope you’d enjoy reading! Stay tuned for more blog post! 🙂

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